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System Center 2012 Technology | How to deploy Windows 7 with System Center Configuration Manager 2012 / Vnext (Beta 1) !!!


In this post, i explain how to deploy Windows 7 with System Center Configuration Manager Vnext / 2012!

In first time, reminder what's System Center Configuration Vnext / 2012:

System Center Configuration Manager enables a powerful user-centric approach to client management. This approach addresses the growing reality – that people want to move fluidly between multiple devices and networks – by making it easier for IT to support users with configurations tied to their identity instead of to individual systems or devices. As a result, IT can help people work the way they want, practically wherever they want—with a familiar experience across different devices and contexts.

Configuration Manager provides IT a lean, unified infrastructure to deliver these new capabilities and workloads for client management, virtualization, and security. The solution puts IT in control of costs and compliance, providing an evolutionary path to new capabilities that leverage existing people, processes, and technologies.

Configuration Manager reduces the cost and complexity of IT compliance by delivering increased visibility and discovery, and enhanced, IT-definable remediation capabilities. It’s all designed to help IT simplify delivery of a user-centric approach to client management. And because it is built by Microsoft engineers who have exceptional knowledge of Windows, Configuration Manager delivers tight interoperability with Windows, for more effective and efficient management.

In second time, what's System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems:Windows Server 2008
Minimum System Requirements:
  • Site servers and site roles require 64-bit OS (distribution points are an exception)
    • Branch DPs can run on any v.Next-supported client OS
    • Standard DPs can run on Windows Server 32-bit but will not support advanced functionality
  • Windows Server 2008 (64-bit)
    • Distribution points can run on Windows Server 2003
  • SQL Server 2008 SP1 with CU6 (64-bit)
  • SQL Reporting Services is ONLY reporting solution

Supported Configurations (link to:

In third time download System Center Configuration Manager Vnext / 2012 HERE.


Let' go!

In my example, i have

1 domain controller

1 server Windows 2008 R2 SCCM VNext / 2012

1 cd Windows 7 enterprise version = WIM captured previously>>Example, the method is the same by SCCM 2012

Package ConfigMgr Client imported to SCCM and ready to deploy

Create Target collection for deploy Windows 7

Boot CD Creation:

Info: Don't forget to supply distribution points for boot CD...

 Right Click on task sequences TAB and select Task Sequence


 Select Bootable Media and click Next

Select Dynamic media and click Next

 Select CD/DVD Set Specify the name and path where the output files will be written and click Next

  Select Enable Unknow computer support and click Next

Browse and select the boot image you need and add MP to the media. (in my example, i select an X86 boot)

 Click Next

 Click Next

 Click Close Tab

Boot Media is created successfully


Create task Sequence for Deploy Windows 7 image:

Select Task Sequences tab, click Create select Install an existing image package ; click Next

 Enter a task sequence name, select boot image X86 or X64 and click Next


The WIM file OS package (Windows 7Big Smile)  in click browse

Select Partition and format... option

Insert Product Key

Activate or not the administrator password

And Click Next

 Select Join a domain and insert all information required and select Next

 Click on Browse, select

  Click Next

 Click Next

 Click Next

 Click Close

Deploy task Sequence Windows 7 image:

The target is to How to create a advertisement for deploy Windows 7

 Right click and select Deploy


Insert Advertisement name

Select Task sequence create previously

Select target collection

select Make this task sequence...

And click Next

 Insert a mandatory assignements and click Next

  You can choice the distribution mode:

Download and execute


Execute directly bye DP

and click Next

 Click Next

 Click Next

Click Close

Launch deploy with boot CD SCCM :

Put your SCCM BOOT CD in the target computer and boot with in pressing the good keyboard key


 The boot prepares

Boot initializiing in progress...

Select Next


Normally stain is found and implementation begins


Running actions...


Apply Operating System

Apply Device Drivers

Setup is updating registry settings...

In progress...


In progress...


Setup is applying system settings


Setup will continue after restarting your computer


Configuration Manager server finalizes the deployment by installing the sccm client


And it's finish, the pc is ready to be used by pressing the famous key combination CTRL + ALT + DEL lol Big Smile


Cool!!! the wallpaper, i like!!!Big Smile


You can see all steps in monitoring tab and select advertsement...





This week, Configuration Manager v.Next has moved to its official product name, System Center Configuration Manager 2012 !!!


A large precision will be announced at TechEd Europe 2010 in Berlin, the name of our favorite product System Center Configuration Manager.



Click HERE for details

 Thanks a lot for this news to :

Jeff Wettlaufer
Sr Technical Product Manager
System Center, Management and Security Division